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Duhamel Blimbaum Law Firm opened an office in Casablanca in 2011. This opening reflects our approach to support our Moroccan and international clients in their strategic interests in Morocco and more broadly in the Maghreb and in French-speaking Africa.

Morocco, and more generally African countries, not only have a booming economy but their transactions are increasingly made at the international level.

Building on the experience of its lawyers in this area and their awareness of the financial stakes and new requirements of its clients in terms of legal advice, Duhamel Blimbaum remains more than ever true to its values of proximity, independence and flexibility in order to offer its clients a bespoke service in business and finance law tailored to their specific needs.

The Casablanca office is to be the key office for all our activity in the MENA region and in Sub-Saharan countries, and from which we will build on the close relationships that bind us to our clients.

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